Tim Batson, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

James Viggiano. Poetry Editor

James is a working class poet currently based in Alabama. He’s had plenty of jobs; his most recent retail sentence was served at Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida. He undertook it as a study in American culture collecting anecdotes from people in the pursuit of home improvement.

Tiffany McNees, Assistant Editor, Reader

Tiffany moved from a handful of small towns whose names are usually pronounced incorrectly by anyone who does not live there to her current city of Seattle. She worked her way through the middle management levels of the specific hell that is retail. If she never sees a Black Friday line again it will be a life well lived. She is a reader and only rarely and privately a writer. She is an enrolled member of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. You can technically find her on Twitter and other social media, but it is at best sporadic.

Vanessa Wolosz, Assistant Editor, Reader

Vanessa more often goes by derivatives of the nickname “Ness.” She takes calcium supplements every morning to avoid getting osteoporosis later in life. With a bachelor’s degree in tow, it’s been concluded that she is at least somewhat literate. She wears glasses, has a penchant for stupid tattoos, bleaches her hair to shit, and will probably never get a real job.