Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine

Est. 2022

Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine (MIDLVLMAG) is a Seattle based, digital literary journal dedicated to publishing poetry, prose, fiction, and essays that explore the intersection of the professional and personal. In a late stage world where everything is commodity, the spaces we create to confront that reality are essential. Part absurd and part serious. Part gallows humor and part sweeping epic. MIDLVLMAG is all literary, We want to be the catharsis to our hustle & grind culture, and the decompression when we’re off the clock.

In that vein of the outrageous, MIDLVLMAG is an open floor plan, a poorly lit florescent cubicle, a breakroom with terrible coffee and a disconnected, tone deaf management team, rallying employees via corny corporate culture. We celebrate casual Fridays, short sleeve button ups, PIPs, mandatory safety training, and the ever holy smoke break.

MIDLVLMAG is currently in startup mode, looking to raise capital through series A funding. Investment in MIDLVLMAG will ensure that the principle + interest are paid on the corporate card, and most importantly, will pay our contributing writers. Literature matters, in all its forms. Please reach out if you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of this exciting literary opportunity.

Literature matters. So do you.

Please write to us with any questions at info@midlvlmag.com