After my manager asks, if the job isn’t done then why are you heading home?

Daniel J Flosi

I reconstruct the day: tell him how the electrical contractor
completely fucked up a run of wire. &
that The Cretaceous period drew to a close, like a curtain,
with an audience. & that I heard that Cambridge
University was constructed around 1208 CE.
But what may surprise you more is that scholars and clergy
mingled & spoke over ales.
I also know that scholars were considered peasants, though
a higher class; meaning they were less likely to sustain
a skull fracture. But for the farmer, the baker, or women
fractured lines tell the story the rose told; the body is a basket weaver,
weaving skeletal stories & the fishmonger’s wife sews the seasons.
I know too, how ordinary people, once here, now there,
stand like bricks after the fire, telling the story
of how the house burned down.
But I won’t tell him that I also know that I can
derail conversations by telling stories.