I hereby resign from everything

Erica Fransisca

Dear Love,
Having learnt of the latest developments,
I hereby resign from my position
under your big, ugly thumb,
effective two weeks from today.

During the two weeks, I will try
to purge myself of any fond memories
and sever the cords that tether my heart
to your careless, wandering hands.

I will also work on not calling you
Love anymore, and as best as I can,
stop loving that which is undeserving.

And to arrange for a smooth transition,
I will draw up thorough instructions

– not for my direct replacement,
for she is way too close to home—
my home—the one you wrecked,
but for the one after, and the one after that
because there will always be another.

Now I know, my time in between your lies
has not been productive; it has been
delusion at best,
but still I am grateful for the opportunity
learning how much a heart can break
and still one day mend itself.

Not yours anymore.