No I don’t want to meet with HR for my exit interview

Kate Carey

I’m tired of everything.
All the fucks I gave have leaked
out my ears and Viriva I’ve
given you everything and now I have nothing.*
Nothing left for you to take.

Soon I will take my leave,
leave your company in shambles at my distance
because let’s face it in 5 years I
know most things and there’s no written procedure.

I get paid the least of anyone here
for doing 2-3 people’s jobs.
I remember I had an interview
at a nonprofit like 2 years ago
and when I listed everything I did here
(and this was 2 years ago, before
a myriad of more tasks were added.)
they said it sounded like my employer
wanted to be cheap.
Real talk.

6 wheels, in danger of leaving,
hoping to break the axle off
before the next corner.
Each one of us sending secret signals,
feeling trapped in this microaggressive schism.
This place is the definition of
white male privilege.
The textbook dictionary kind.

I’m so tired of complaining about
you to everyone in my circle.
I’m a much more interesting
person under usual circumstances.
The ways this place has
wrung me out and
I am twisted.

I have bent all ways to go with
your convoluted flow
but I can no longer
fray my own edges
to keep this job.

* A reference to The Wonder Years’ album Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing