Vacation Policy

L.M. Cole

The rules are and will be as follows,
except when they are changed or
circumstances* require:

No open-toed shoes.
I just don’t like seeing toes.
They remind me of walking
barefoot on a sun-warmed beach,
which I’ve never had vacation time for.

No fish in the microwave.
See above. I’ve never been
to the ocean.

In case of heavy rain,
all overhead lights must be
switched off so I can close
my eyes and imagine the downpour
as waves lapping at the shore.

*For a list of extenuating reasons a rule may
no longer apply, please see appendix
16.3.126a (located in the office
in the basement near the water heater,
which keeps it tropical, except
when it is moved to the box
beneath the Ficus on floor 3, for the shade).