Job Offer

Peter Heyns

Job offer: we are happy to inform you that you have been selected after a long and thorough process
For a paint job.
White splotchy
Bay call Colt without contacts. Light switch smack dab
In the middle of your shit.

Compensation starts at the beginning and ends immediately.
Your benefits
Begin day one one day.
There was a painter who
Lived in a town where nobody
Needed paintings but
He made a decent living
As a senior manager of marketing operations.

175,000+15% bonus -20% cost-of-living decrease
Minus taxes plus inflation minus
Commensurate with experience I would expect you to start living and coming to work and going home from work
Going to sleep
And waking up
And breathing air
And creating value

But in his spare time
They painted the walls of the abandoned line.
Cobalt bathed in moonlight
As the factories shuttered. Mean
Average time spent commuting down equaling. Every kind of space an office

Every kind of time to clean.
Do you have 48 hours to sigh and return the sign and return
To the surface and resume


*Strikethroughs are intentional in presentation of this piece