Subj: Dream Job

Jess Del Fiacco

Dear [Contact Name],

Sometimes I dream of email! It’s not even stress-related, though occasionally the dreams themselves are stressful and I wake up feeling like I worked a double-shift with no overtime to show for it. Usually I’m just there in the inbox. It’s a classic Gmail layout, cool-toned and plain. I’m climbing up rows and rows of subject lines, sorting and sending chunks of conversation that feels very real when I’m in it, but reads something like Simlish when I try to remember it afterward.

I’m not proud to be dreaming of labor. Where are my peaceful dream-meadows to frolic in? My long-lost loved ones waiting for a chat over dream-coffee? How do I get in touch with dream-HR?

Its familiarity does grant some comfort, I guess. It’s like a job you know you’ve been at too long, but it’s just so easy to do, and the pay is whatever. It’s like how sometimes, in the few gray seconds before I open my eyes, I’m in my parents’ house. A creak upstairs – someone is making breakfast!

My mind is trying to bring me home via misguided auto-reply. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions – I’m happy to hop on a call.

Thanks so much!

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